​Robb Rocket

   ROBB ROCKET... is an eccentric, lowbrow artist, who’s influences are wide ranging. From mid-century -pop-culture, burlesque, hot rod & tiki ,to contemporary street, and comic art. Rockets influences can be recognized in much of his work . “I like strange, quirky art and that’s what I do” he says, “using what ever style or medium, that seems like the most fun for each piece.”
  Feeling his abilities are a “Gift from above.” He has put to use and cherished his artistic talent since child hood.
  Rocket received a degree with honors from Al Collins Graphic Design School in 1991.While in school and after graduating he did free lance graphic design for several years, at this time a decision was made. Graphic design for corporate America was far to structured with an “Extreme lack of freedom.”
  Upon returning to the four corners from Mesa Az. he put his skills to work doing custom paint jobs in the Hot Rod and Chopper world for many years. Most recently, Robb works in conjunction with his wife and art partner Roswell out of their Retro Mod Studio and has decided to concentrate on works that are more personal and adhere to his “ Vision of Groovyness” As he puts it, “ I have a day job. The art is my brains little sanctuary, where I go to let the ideas fly.” Rocket still takes on an occasional commission but they are always done on his own terms and with his own personal twist.
Poster Print Prices (all prints are signed by artist)
*sizes are approx measurements based on dementions of original art


  1. Starmoso
  2. Ronald Raygun
    Ronald Raygun
  3. Shroomsville
  4. Return of The War Machines
    Return of The War Machines
  5. Vader Rides Again
    Vader Rides Again
  6. Big Thrill on the Big Wheel
    Big Thrill on the Big Wheel
  7. C3 Grand Sport
    C3 Grand Sport
  8. Drag Sporty
    Drag Sporty
  9. Gasser Vette
    Gasser Vette
  10. The Altered
    The Altered
  11. Funny Bug
    Funny Bug
  12. The Digger
    The Digger
  13. Uhura
  14. Sand Coupe
    Sand Coupe
  15. Wendy & The Rippin Wagon
    Wendy & The Rippin Wagon
  16. Tiki Ted's Banana Wagon
    Tiki Ted's Banana Wagon
  17. Steampunk Snoopy
    Steampunk Snoopy
  18. Spam Bandit
    Spam Bandit
  19. Skullvis
  20. Red Head & A Robot Racer
    Red Head & A Robot Racer
  21. Pinstripe the Universe
    Pinstripe the Universe
  22. No Miss O Ray
    No Miss O Ray
  23. Creepy Saucer
    Creepy Saucer
  24. Art Babe
    Art Babe
  25. American Beauty
    American Beauty